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Travel/Booking Agent Resources

Historically, Travel/Booking Agents have been reliant on the "Travel Agent Food Chain" which is the method of Distribution within the Tourism Industry whereby the three levels of Agents (the International, National and Local) all claim a component of commission to instigate and confirm bookings.

RoomsHere.com provides access to a special Travel/Booking Agent login so that listings with Commissionable Product and Availability can be identified by any Agent world wide.

This process encourages Travel/Booking Agents to contact the Business direct in order to negotiate Rates and Trading Terms.

The Travel/Booking Agent login also provides similar tools as the Visitor Information Centre login so that they can:

  • Search by Town, Region and State Australia wide
  • Narrow the search by Accommodation type
  • Select the facilities required, narrowing the search to meet the customer's requirements
  • Use their private data base to record information about each property
  • Setup their preferred list of Accommodation Businesses

For further information see the Travel/Booking Agent User Manual


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