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RoomsHere.com has been specifically developed to preserve the process of booking Accommodation direct with Accommodation Businesses, enabling the personal service that many Accommodation Businesses aim to provide, whilst achieving some commission free sales to assist their long term viability.

Developed as a multi-platform system integrating all sectors of the Accommodation industry this website also provides special Logins and management tools for Visitor Information Centres and Travel/Booking Agents.

Accommodation Businesses (who may have discreetly flagged Commissionable Product) can be contacted direct to negotiate trading terms and Wholesale/Retail Rates.


RoomsHere.com has been developed to provide two ways for Accommodation Businesses to attract direct bookings with an Advanced Listing:

  • Login to put up Last Minute Rates & Availability (and leave them there until sold)
  • Or, setup Long Term Rates which means operators don’t need to Login until their Property is fully booked

Every time an Accommodation Business Logs in to their Advanced Listing it moves to the top of all relevant searches.


Whilst RoomsHere.com is not an online booking system we encourage Accommodation Businesses to develop and display Commissionable Product:

  • Each Product which is selected as Commissionable is flagged in the Visitor Information Centre and Travel/Booking Agent Logins, providing avenues for Accommodation Businesses to negotiate and sell direct worldwide to a range of Retail and Wholesale Distributors
  • Each Product can be linked to an online booking system of their choice providing mechanisms for 24/7 bookings

For further information see Accommodation Business Resources


In recognising that Visitor Information Centres are a key to the viability of the tourism industry, RoomsHere.com has made the commitment to list every Visitor Information Centre Australia wide.

Developed as a management tool for the use by Senior Staff, Visitor Information Centre listings provide a range of tools to minimise the process of servicing accommodation enquiries and/or bookings.

Each Visitor Information Centre has total control on which towns, areas and accommodation listings are incorporated into their Accommodation Guide which can then be:

  • Linked to their town website to display vacancies
  • Setup as an email proforma to service phone and email enquiries
  • Available on their Centre computer or iPad so that visitors can quickly see vacancies for the town and/or nearby towns

 For further information see Visitor Information Centre Resources


Special logins are available to Travel Agents world wide, so that they can identify product that has been flagged as Commissionable, opening up the communication chain between accommodation providers and Wholesale/Retail distribution.

Dealing direct with Accommodation Businesses, provides the opportunity to reduce the need for Agent to Agent sales, thus easing the high commissions associated with the Travel Agent Supply Chain.

For further information see Travel/Booking Agent Resources


RoomsHere.com is one of few tourism websites that seek to list Holiday Rental Properties.

Because all enquiries from RoomsHere.com can be directed to the Property Manager, there is no risk of sharing commissions with other Stakeholders.

For further information see Property Manager Resources

RoomsHere.com FOR EVENTS

Event Listings have been developed to assist participants and attendees to find accommodation near and around the vicinity of the event.

By utilising the 12 month calendar Accommodation Businesses are able to display their Availability as soon as the dates for the event are established.

For further information see see Major Events.

RoomsHere.com FOR HOMESTAY

RoomsHere.com is the perfect platform to facilitate a Homestay Program for a town or city that needs extra accommodation for events or periods of high demand

For further information see Major Events.


Destination marketing can be a costly exercise.

RoomsHere.com provides FREE use of a special login with the functionality to setup an inventory of accommodation by town/region which can be linked back to the organisation website providing up to date information as it changes on RoomsHere.com.

The setup for Tourism Organisations is the same as for Visitor Information Centres.

For further information see Visitor Information Centre Resources.


Student Accommodation Listings can be setup on RoomsHere.com to enable Corporate Bodies to display and manage availability of traditional accommodation as well as private homes.

Providing the Corporate Body sets up and maintains all Student Accommodation Listings, there is no charge for the actual listing, but a small Listing Fee of $33.00 per Accommodation Listing per annum (including GST) applies.

RoomsHere.com provides FREE training in the setup and use of the system.

For further information on any of the above, please email contact@roomshere.com.

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