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RoomsHere.com aims to list all accommodation and every Visitor Information Centre Australia wide so that consumers can see the vibrancy of tourism in every town, city, suburb and region. 21,0000 listings with contact telephone numbers have been provided for the convenience of consumers.

Accommodation Businesses are firstly listed as a FREE Basic Listing and then invited to take up our offer of a FREE trial Advanced Listing which enables:

  • Full contact details so that consumers, Visitor Information Centres and Travel Agents can contact the business for direct sales
  • The display of vacancies, packages and last minute rates
  • Linking of selected product to a preferred online booking system
  • Mechanisms to discreetly display commissionable product to Visitor Information Centres and Travel Agents for wholesale/retail sale

Visitor Information Centres are invited to use all the tools and functions FREE of charge to streamline the process of servicing accommodation enquiries.

Travel Agents are currently provided with FREE access to commissionable product Australia wide.

Property Managers are encouraged to list multiple properties in one listing making RoomsHere.com a cost effective alternative to other websites.

Schedule of Fees 

All Fees are payable 12 months in advance, include GST and are shown in AU$

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  • FREE Basic Listings display property name, property type, propery location and 1 click to the contact telephone number


Display all your property details, vacancies, packages and last minute rates direct to consumers for commission free sales whilst at the same time flag commissionable product for sale to the wholesale market via the Visitor Information Centre and Travel Agent Logins.

  • $132.00 per property per annum (including GST) for an Advanced Listing which includes unlimited FREE Product Calendars

Visitor Information Centre - No Fees

  • FREE to all Visitor Information Centres  

Travel/Booking Agent

  • Currently FREE access to flagged commissionable product Australia wide 

Property Manager

  • $132.00 per listing which may contain multiple properties utilising the Product function 

Terms and Conditions

All Terms & Conditions must be accepted in conjunction with the Disclaimer Statement.

By proceeding with the use of RoomsHere.com, you are agreeing that you are the official representative, duly authorised to act on behalf of the Accommodation Business, Visitor Information Centre, Travel Agency or Property Management Business, and that you agree to the following RoomsHere.com Terms and Conditions.

1. You will not use RoomsHere.com to undertake any unlawful activity or display any misleading, fraudulent statements, or obscene, threatening, indecent or defamatory material or material that is confidential.

2. You agree to maintain your listing and/or business details at all times with accurate and up to date information of a nature that does not falsely advertise or mislead users.

3. You will ensure that the business, organisation or company that you represent meets and maintains all legal obligations required to conduct the said business under its particular Local Government and State Government Legislation and Federal Government Legislation.

4. By indicating that your Accommodation Business, Visitor Information Centre, Travel Agency or Property Management Business is accredited, rated or affiliated with a group or chain, you declare that such accreditation, rating or membership is current.

5. As an Accommodation Business or Agent, acting on behalf of an Accommodation Business, you will immediately update and maintain the Product Calendar(s) to accurately display availability when bookings occur and if displaying tariffs, agree to honour the tariffs as advertised on RoomsHere.com.

6. RoomHere.com retains the right to revert listings to the Basic Listing status if Fees have not been paid by the specified date.

7. RoomsHere.com reserves the right to increase Fees at any time, which will come into effect at the time of the annual renewal.

8. RoomsHere.com retains the right to change all Terms & Conditions at any time, in which case the new Terms & Conditions will take effect from the day they are published.

Cancellation Policy

1. All Fees are required to be paid 12 months in advance, and under no circumstances will refunds by payable by RoomsHere.com.

2. RoomsHere.com reserves the right to remove any listing that appears to be unsuitable or does not comply with all the Terms and Conditions.

3. Fees due at the end of the 12 month period will be given 30 days grace for payment, after which, if not paid, the listing will revert to a Basic Listing.

Online Security

1. Protecting your financial information is of primary concern to RoomsHere.com.  No credit card or bank account information is made available to, or stored by RoomsHere.com.

2. All financial transactions conducted by credit card are performed by the National Australia Bank.  The NAB employ industry standard SSL security to protect your information in transit.

3. BPAY transactions are conducted by you, directly with your financial institution, who inform RoomsHere.com of their success daily.  No personal information is made available to or stored by RoomsHere.com.

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