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RoomsHere.com is not a booking system, but an information management system which directs all enquiries through to Accommodation Businesses, or Agents acting on their behalf.

Therefore, no personal informationn about individuals using the site is collected by RoomsHere.com.

Anonymous statistics are tracked to monitor trends and gauge consumer usage, to facilitate improvements and ensure the capacity of the site.

The statistics collected are not used to identify you nor to contact you.  Nor are they sold or made available to any third party.

Information collected in the Industry Logins will be used according to the statements provided on the site or in the particular User Guides, and where stated, will be published for the purpose of displaying the business details and its services.

Information identified as that collected for the purpose of administration, will not be disclosed to any third party unless for legal purposes.

We respect your right to request the removal of any information about your business or Visitor Information Centre that is displayed on RoomsHere.com, but we do ask that the request is made in writing, via email, fax or letter, stating your business name and telephone number, so that each request can be verified.


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