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Major Events

Millions of dollars are invested into Major Events across Australia annually, as some towns and cities recognise that Event Tourism brings a major boost to the economy as a whole and is another way of showcasing the local tourist attractions. 

RoomsHere.com has been developed to assist consumers to find accommodation up to 12 months in advance, making it an excellent platform to promote events. 

Major Event Listings are compiled FREE of charge for selected events, and can be linked to the official Event website, to assist participants, partners etc., to efficiently find available accommodation.

The functionality of Major Event Listings has been extended to not only provide a focus on the event itself, but to also provide consumers with accommodation options within given driving times of the vicinity of the event, helping to maximise the benefit of the event to outlying areas.

By including these areas in the event listing, RoomsHere.com also places the Major Event Listing as a link from each Town Listing, helping to promote the event to visitors that may be holidaying in the area.

To list your event on RoomsHere.com complete the  Major Event Listing Form and email it to contact@roomshere.com

Homestay Program

One of the unique functions of RoomsHere.com is to provide a Homestay Program for any town/city that wishes to maximise a Major Event.

By opening up local homes for the period of the event, more visitors are able to stay in the host town, rather than having to send them to outlying ares.

For more information, see Homestay Program.

Major Events of National Significance

Clearly, some events can be seen as Major Events of National Significance attracting large numbers of participants and visitors from across Australia and often, from across the world.

Such events can be highlighted on the RoomsHere.com Home Page FREE of charge, primarily to assist visitors - those who may be looking for accommodation to attend the event, and those who may be looking for accommodation whilst passing through the area whilst on holiday.

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