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Redwing Bed and Breakfast / Farmstay

Redwing Bed & Breakfast

Self Contained

Lot 3 Pipeline Road
Via Moonta
South Australia 5573

Telephone: 0408 252 128

Fax: 08 8825 1333

Website: http://redwingbedandbreakfast.webs.com

Redwing Bed and Breakfast / Farmstay

Accommodation Information

Redwing is a farming property located 10 minutes out of Moonta, just off the Moonta-Maitland Road. The property was settled over one hundred and fifty years ago and gains its name from a ship which sunk off the coast of Ardrossan.

The owners of Redwing took over the property in 1998 and restoration on the main homestead began five years ago. The house had not been lived in for 10 years so it has been quite a project to bring it back up to scratch!

The Bed and Breakfast was built in the 1860's and originally used as the 'Men's Room' - kept for men that came to work on the farm. With the roof blowing off and the pigeons settling in, it got to the stage where it was either going to have to be knocked down or restored. Being fond of hard work we opted for the 'restore' option and after a year's labor, Redwing Bed and Breakfast was born!

The owners of Redwing Bed and Breakfast also run The Miners Couch at Moonta. The bnb has been fully furnished and decorated through The Miners Couch, so if you like the look, visit The Miners Couch during your stay!

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