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Frequently Asked Qestions

Why is RoomsHere.com different from other accommodation websites?

RoomsHere.com is not another online booking system, but an information management system which integrates the operations of Accommodation Businesses, Visitor Information Centres, Travel Agents and Property Managers into one website, whilst displaying accommodation vacancies direct to the consumer on a twelve month calendar. 

Whilst RoomsHere.com provides the option to direct all enquiries to Accommodation Businesses so that they can provide a personal service to consumers, we encourage all Accommodation Businesses to market to the wholesale industry by flagging commissionable product for sale via the Visitor Centre and Travel Agent logins and to also link to an online booking system of their choice to provide the convenience of 24/7 bookings.

One of the main benefits of RoomsHere.com is that Accommodation Businesses do not pay commission on bookings like they do for most online booking systems.

Therefore, some Accommodation Businesses are happy to pass on savings to consumers and one of the features of RoomsHere.com is that value added multiple night packages can be advertised on RoomsHere.com knowing that commission does not have to be paid on all the extras provided in the package.

How do I book on RoomsHere.com?

RoomsHere.com provides you with all contact details of each Accommodation Business so that you can CONNECT DIRECT for the best deals via telephone, email or via their website.  Clicking on a BOOK button located next to an advertised deal will take you to the accommodation operator's online booking system so that you can process an immediate booking.

CONNECT DIRECT on your SMARTPHONE by going to www.roomshere.com

How do I list our MAJOR EVENT so that delegates can find available accommodation?

Contact RoomsHere.com and arrange for a MAJOR EVENT LISTING to be placed on your town listing.

We will set up your Major Event Listing to:
*Display the Event Co-Ordinator contact details
* Link to the official Event Website
* Display accommodation within given driving times of the Event venue
* Connect from your Event Website to the RoomsHere.com availability calendar so that delgates can quickly find available accommodation 

Why do some accommodation listings appear incomplete?

RoomsHere.com has endeavoured to list every accommodation property and Visitor Information Centre Australia wide so that you can see the vibrancy of tourism in every Town, City, Suburb and Region.

The incomplete listings have been pre-entered as FREE Basic Listings, and will remain incomplete until the Accommodation Business upgrades their listing to an Advanced Listing.

Once upgraded to an Advanced Listing:
* A range of information will be displayed to help you find suitable accommodation
* You will be able to link to the accommodation websites and generate emails from RoomsHere.com
* Some listings will provide a link to their online booking systems so that you can complete an immediate booking

Why are some accommodation properties not listed on RoomsHere.com?

RoomsHere has undertaken extensive research in order to list every accommodation property and Visitor Information Centre across Australia.  If we have missed listing a property or Visitor Information Centre, we would appreciate you emailing us the details so that we can get the listing up as soon as possible.

Why can't I bring up a full list of towns to make my selection?

Because RoomsHere.com aims to list all accommodation across Australia by Town, City, Suburb and Region, each search scans more than 12,000 geographic locations, so it would be impossible for you to search through such a long list to find the Town, City, Suburb of your choice.

Special search functions have been developed by RoomsHere.com that select locations by State and Region, and you will find that you are able to retrieve a full list of accommodation for any State or Region if you wish.

How can I view accommodation for my holiday dates?

At the top of the Home Page you will find a calendar icon located next to today's date:
* Click on the calendar and select your required dates
* Enter the town name in the Find by Place box and press Enter or Search

You should now be able to see a list of accommodation in the town of your choice for your selected dates.  You can skip along to future dates from this view.

My search results have returned lots of listings all showing different information.  What does this mean?

Accommodation Businesses have several ways in which to display their accommodation:
*Days displaying an A indicate that accommodation is available on this day - you need to contact this business direct to negotiate price and conditions
* Dates Displaying a B indicate that accommodation is totally booked on these days
* A $ price displayed indicates that accommodation is available at this price on this day and you need to contact the business direct to confirm the conditions for this accommodation
* Days displaying " - " means that this Accommodation Business would like you to contact them in regard to availability, price and conditions
* Listings displaying a BOOK button are linked to an online booking system so that you can book at any time during the day or night

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