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About RoomsHere.com


RoomsHere.com has been specifically developed to preserve the process of booking Accommodation direct with Accommodation Businesses, enabling the personal service that many Accommodation Businesses aim to provide, whilst achieving some commission free sales to assist their long term viability.

Developed as a multi-platform system integrating all sectors of the Accommodation industry this website also provides special Logins and management tools for Visitor Information Centres and Travel Agents so that Accommodation Businesses (who may have discreetly flagged Commissionable Product) can be contacted direct to negotiate trading terms and Wholesale/Retail Rates.

Accommodation Businesses maintaining paid Advanced Listings are encouraged to Login at least daily to display vacancies and Rates.  This Login process places their listing at the top of all relevant searches, assisting Users to quickly see what Accommodation is immediately Available.

RoomsHere.com strives to list all Accommodation Australia wide so that Users can see the vibrancy of tourism in every town, city and region.  To achieve this, RoomsHere.com encourages unpaid Basic Listings to remain on the website, and although these listings display limited details, phone numbers are included.

Unlike online booking systems that earn as much as 15% commission/booking fee on each booking, RoomsHere.com displays Accommodation Availability and contact details of Advanced Listings for an annual fee of $132.00 which equates to $11 per month (including GST).

Accommodation listings are initially setup on a trial basis as an Advanced Listing to demonstrate the benefit of displaying all details and Availability.

After a designated trial period, an invoice is generated and on payment of the invoice, the Advance Listing continues for the following 12 month period.  If an invoice is not paid by the end of the 30 day period from the date of the invoice, the Advanced Listing reverts back to a Basic Listing which moves down the list beneath Advanced Listings but continues to display Property information as demonstrated below.


Cost per Listing: $132 (Including GST) per annum
Contact Details Displayed:
- Property Name
- Property Type
- Location Town
- Telephone Number
Links Provided
- To Email
- To Website
- Nominated Product(s) to a preferred booking system
- Property position on map
Other Information & Functions included
- Property and Product Descriptions
- Photograph
- Access to Stats - hits and views
- Product Calendars displaying Availability
- Special information which displays in the Visitor Information Centre and Travel/Booking Agent Logins


Cost per Listing:  FREE
Contact Details Provided:
- Property Name
- Property Type
- Location Town
- Telephone Number

Whilst we are continuing to monitor industry trends as to why RoomsHere.com should affiliate with a Channel Manager, there are real benefits for our Users if we operate independently:

* Vacancies (Availability) can be displayed on RoomsHere.com until all rooms are totally sold as it is impossible for double bookings to occur via the RoomsHere.com platform.  The only way that Consumers, Visitor Information Centres and Travel/Booking Agents can make a booking via RoomsHere.com is to contact Accommodation Businesses direct by phone or email

* Most operators using channel managers put up an allocation of multiple rooms - once the allocation is sold, the online booking system usually displays SOLD giving the impression that the Accommodation is totally booked.  Often, the Accommodation Business still has some Availability which can be advertised and sold via RoomsHere.com

* Accommodation Businesses can take control of how they advertise their vacancies down to the last room, and knowing that they are dealing direct with customers can afford to pass on savings without having to pay commission.  Or, when local Accommodation is heavily booked, advertise at a premium rate to maximise returns

* Visitor Information Centres who have co-opted Accommodation Businesses to display Availability on RoomsHere.com can streamline their service delivery:
- They no longer need to maintain manual records
- By responding to phone, email and counter enquiries with up-to-date Accommodation information
- By referring travellers to their personalised Accommodation Guide on their Centre computer or iPad.


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